Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Quick Detour To Awesome Town!

Today we're heading to awesome town to bring you this great excerpt posted on After Ellen from the incredible film director Kimberly Peirce:

Kimberly Peirce 

The Yale Daily News had a Q&A with director Kimberly Peirce in which she discusses what inspires her as a filmmaker and her own gender identity. An excerpt:
I call myself queer. I don’t identify as a lesbian or as a transsexual. We all go through phases throughout our life, so that’s why I identify as queer. But I’m probably somewhere close to transgender because I’m very much masculine as well as feminine. It’s just within me. I enjoy my feminism, but I certainly don’t revel in it in the same way many people do. I just am what I am. Lots of people feel freer these days, but there are still horrible things happening. There is more dialogue than there was. If you have the feeling of not being in the right body, there is more opportunity for self–acceptance today.

Kimberly Peirce is the only celebrity (not that I meet them often) that I have ever fully embarrassed myself in front of (aka lost my shit).
 It was the summer after my freshman year of college and just after Boys Don't Cry had come out.

Leading up to the film I kept finding one article after another on Peirce and the making of the film
Boys Don't Cry
Then later after watching a documentary about Boys Don't Cry(oh, how I miss old school Bravo),
On the Town
 I became increasingly blown away by just how fully she had invested herself in the process of this film's creation (a five year process if remember correctly).
The final result being one hell of a picture. 

Matt Lucas
Needless to say I thought she was a mega dreamboat (still do) smart, talented and beautiful.

So when I got lost in Manhattan one evening and happened to walk past her I was temporarily dumbfounded. 
Truly I just stood there not moving while she passed thinking over and over again, "that's, Kimberly Peirce who made Boys Don't Cry, I have to say something, I have to say something...."

Finally I turned around, now at least fifteen feet away, to see her climbing into a cab with her friend and I just yelled. 
Yes that's right like a crazy lady I just stood in the middle of the sidewalk and yelled "BOY'S DON'T CRY WAS AMAZING! IT WAS AMAZING!" 
As this was happing, I saw her friend start to rock with laughter. Meanwhile, Kimberly Pierce leaned forward to see who the hell this crazy was. 
At which point I bolted.
Running down the concrete street sidewalk, like a kid on celebrity crack, I couldn't help, but laugh. I was on cloud nine, even if I was an ass. 
Next time more adventures, in awkward, summertime fun! 

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